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  • Designed to meet the needs of Healers, Therapists, Energy Workers and such.
  • Side 1 has 9 notes tuned to Solfeggio-F scale at 528 Hz - for those who follow Solfeggio Principals
  • Side 2 has 9 notes tuned to D-Minor Pentatonic at 432 Hz - for massage, meditation, calming
  • Each drum is individually hand tuned to Symphonic Tuning Standards and sound tested before it is sent to its new home.
  • Pure sound and long note sustain.
  • Standard Package Includes: Premium Handmade Mallets, Handmade Liner Bag, Handmade and Heavy Duty Gig Bag. 
  • This unique instrument with a melodious tone will inspire beginners as well as professionals. The Double Vibe Drum provides two playable heads with 9 tuned notes on each for a total of 18 notes. Each head (side) is tuned to a different scale. It can be played using the hands or with our specially-designed mallets. The unique design provides a hybrid sound, similar to striking a “singing bowl” or HandPan Drum, yet offers a more portable and user-friendly instrument.

Vibedrums since 2008  designers and makers of the Ultimate Healing Vibedrum a Stainless steel tongue drums in the handpan family.

Ultimate Healing Double Vibedrum - Moonshine - Standard Package

  • *Resonance / Sustain: The Parabolic resonance Chamber combined with our high quality 13 gauge steel creates a drum where the notes resonate for 8 to 10 seconds without sacrificing portability.

    *Harmonics: The playing tabs are perfectly spaced for optimum playability and harmonics between the other notes

    Octagonal notes to maximise the "sweet spot" and to add a bit of symbolism.

    13 gauge ( 0.0937” thick) - 304 Stainless Steel - made in USA

    Diameter - 12 inches - 32 cm

    Height - 5.5 inches - 14.5 cm

    Weight - 7.5 lbs - 3.4 kg

    Paint - Powder Coat - no VOC's - no greenhouse gasses - no lead - powder made in USA

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