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Vibedrum Scale sound samples

A word about Hz:  In general almost all music instruments are tuned to 440 Hz as it is the industry standard. If you are going to be playing your Vibedrum with other musical instruments (guitars, harps, flutes and such) then you should go with a scale tuned to 440Hz. However if you are going to use your Vibedrum as a personal instrument for music, meditation, healing and/or massage then you should go with the 432 Hz tuning as it is considered by many to be in-line-with our bodies natural energies and vibrations.

These sound samples were recorded with my camcorder with external microphone not in a sound studio with professional equipment. One of the limitations of being a small family owned business with limited resources. The recordings have not been enhanced in any way. So, in essence, if you like the sound in the recordings you will be extra pleased when you receive your drum and hear it live!!!

Vibedrums - Quality Handmade Stainless Tongue Drums

Single Vibedrum note layout
Single & Double Vibedrum Note Layout
Mini Vibedrum Note Layout
mini vibedrum note layout

Single Vibedrum & Double Vibedrum - Side 2 ( Low Side )

D-Major Pentatonic Scale
D-Pygmy Pentatonic Scale
C-Major-in-D Pentatonic Scale
D-Minor Pentatonic Scale

Single Vibedrum only

E-Major Pentatonic Scale
E-Akebono Pentatonic Scale

Single Vibedrum & Double Vibedrum - Side 1 (High Side)

E-Minor Pentatonic Scale
F-Major Pentatonic Scale
F-Akebono Pentatonic Scale
F-Minor Pentatonic Scale
Solfeggio 528 Hz Pentatonic Scale

MINI-VIBEDRUM Scales from Low to High

Mini-Galaxy Scale
Mini-Freya Scale
Mini-Desert Scale
Mini-Cosmic Scale
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