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Preguntas más frecuentes

  • Will the Drum Rust?
    All Vibedrums are made from thick 304 Medical Grade Stainless, so they will not rust inside or out. However 304 Stainless is not rated for Salt Water thus if you take to the beach it might be a good idea to rinse with fresh water just as you would with swim fins or mask.
  • Will the Vibedrum go out of tune?
    Unlike other tongue drums that are made of thin steel or low quality Satainless, Vibedrums are made from thick 13 gauge high quality stainless. If you treat the drum as you would any quality instrument it will stay in tune for years to come.
  • I am new to this. What is the difference between a 440 Hz tuning and a 432 Hz tuning?
    In general almost all music instruments are tuned to 440 Hz as it is the industry standard. If you are going to be playing your Vibedrum with other musical instruments (guitars, harps, flutes and such) then you should go with a scale tuned to 440Hz. However if you are going to use your Vibedrum as a personal instrument for music, meditation, healing and/or massage then you should go with the 432 Hz tuning as it is considered by many to be in-line-with our bodies natural energies and vibrations.
  • What does Pentatonic mean?
    In a nut shell Pentatonic means a 5 note scale. Since Single and Double Vibedrums have 9 notes on each side the first 5 notes are the scale then it repeats with the next 4 notes only they are one octave higher. Almost all of our scales are Pentatonic because it brings better balance to the drum and reduces harmonic distortion in addition it makes it easy to play and creates great sounding chords.
  • Are the drums hand-made in America
    Yes...Vibedrums are not mass produced. They are made in Arizona and all materials used to make the drums are made in the US and locally sourced. We outsource some of the work but we only work with small family owned businesses.
  • I live in California which has strict rules about lead. Does a Vibedrum contain any lead?
    No, there is no lead in the steel, welding or the paint. In addition we use Powder Coat Paint which does not contain any VOC's which contribute to greenhouse gasses. Steel Tongue drums that are spray painted may contain lead and they do contribute to greenhouse gasses because spray paints contain VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds).
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